About Us

We are, at heart, an organization by network operators, for network operators.

The Manitoba Network Operators Group is an organization for networking and technology professionals in the Winnipeg and Manitoba area.

Our goal is to provide education for those looking to improve their skill set, learn about networking technologies, as well as to meet and build relationships with fellow professionals.

We host multiple small events throughout the year allowing attendees a comfortable, relaxed opportunity to learn, ask questions and network with others.


Date Event
2016 Desire is heard from multiple people for a local NOG
2017-02 Various interested parties are contacted and the initial idea which is pitched is well received
2017-02-19 Initial beta MBNOG Looking Glass
2017-03-04 Domain names are acquired and initial website launched
2017-04-19 First meeting (MBNOG 0)
2018-03-22 Second meeting/First public meeting (MBNOG 1)